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Plumbers in Brighton

Providing all aspects of plumbing services in Brighton.

At Harding Plumbing and Heating Ltd, our expert plumbers provide a full range of general plumbing services, ensuring all plumbing systems throughout Brighton are maintained in a safe, working order. With vast experience carrying out a full range of plumbing services, our specialist team ensures all issues and requirements are rectified in the best way possible, providing the highest quality service when carrying out work in your property. 

When it comes to many day-to-day tasks, having a correctly working plumbing system is more than just a necessity. In order to keep stress to a minimum, we believe having access to clean water, and necessary bathroom facilities is essential. Not only do plumbing systems ensure the water you bathe or shower in is clean, but they also provide an accessible supply of fresh water, with which you are able to drink and cook with. Therefore, experiencing an issue with your plumbing system could lead to a potential breakdown, leaving you with the stress and disruption of being without a bath, shower, toilet, and sink, as well as causing restrictions with eating and drinking. 

With this, we carry out the necessary services to ensure all issues and requirements are attended to and resolved as efficiently as possible. Our services range from jobs as big as a shower or bath installation to as small as tap repairs or replacements.

Some of our general plumbing services include:

  • Blocked baths & showers 
  • Blocked sinks
  • Tap repairs & replacements
  • Blocked toilets 
  • Showers & bath installations 
  • Shower & bath repairs 
  • Radiators, valves & thermostat installations 
  • Radiators, valves & thermostat repairs
  • Water leak detection
  • Water pumps
  • Water supply pipe repairs & replacements
  • Underfloor Heating

We advise all customers experiencing a potential fault with their systems to undergo a thorough inspection by an expert team of plumbers like ourselves. This will ensure the problem is located and diagnosed, putting your system back on the road to recovery with the correct, required repair work. At the end of each repair job, we provide an additional testing and inspection to ensure your system is working properly and is fully adherent to the required safety standards. 

Looking for a professional plumber in Brighton? Our team is perfect for those experiencing issues with their plumbing system, or those who require a new installation or routine maintenance service. Why not give us at Harding Plumbing and Heating Ltd a call today on 07545048018 to arrange a call out date and time that suits you. 


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