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Renewable Energy Installations Brighton

Providing all aspects of renewable energy services in Brighton

At Harding Plumbing and Heating Ltd, our energy specialists carry out renewable energy installations, providing the properties throughout Brighton the option of choosing an alternative energy source to their current. 

With vast experience working with a full range of energy sources, our specialist team ensures all installations are carried out with the highest level of professionalism, leaving homeowners overjoyed with their energy installation service each and every time. 

The renewable energy sources we work with include:

  • Solar energy 
  • Wind energy
  • Biomass energy
  • Geothermal Heat Pump

Over the past 10 years, renewable energy has become increasingly popular due to being a much more sustainable, clean form, which has been sourced naturally. 

These natural energy sources are all well-known and some are essential for us to live. An example of this is sunlight. With this, power is provided by sunlight to create solar energy, which is reliant upon the sun shining. 

Solar Power

In order to create solar power, PV cell panels, also known as solar panels are used to collect the rays of sun, which then has the ability to power the whole of an average sized house. 

Passive solar homes are also a way of reusing solar energy, due to being specifically designed so that the sun is welcomed through the south-facing windows, retaining warmth through heat-storing materials such as tiles, bricks and concrete. 

Geothermal Heat Pumps

In order to heat or cool a property, the constant temperature of the earth is used, which can be found feet below the surface. Geothermal pumps are designed to use this constant temperature to either cool properties or warm them. This is not only done through air temperature, but it is also used to provide heated water in the home. 

Many are put off the idea of geothermal heat pumps due to the cost, however, we believe heat pumps can actually be a cost-efficient choice long term due to a lack of maintenance requirements, extensive, long lasting pumps and the unlikeliness of experiencing issues as you would with an alternative air conditioning system.

Looking for a renewable energy specialist in Brighton? Our team is perfect for those looking to switch to an alternative renewable energy source. Why not give us at Harding Plumbing and Heating Ltd a call today on 07545048018 for further information on the best suited renewable energy source for you.


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